Table Manners Announcement Trailer

Ever landed a date with the person of your dreams, only to accidentally throw their meal across their face? Or did you make the common mistake of knocking an entire bottle of wine over their lap? Or go the whole hog and set fire to the table several times?

Recreating disastrous dates the world over, Curve Digital and Echo Chamber Games are proud to announce their new first-person dating game, Table Manners, will hit PC early next year, giving us all the chance to experience some potentially calamitous courtship.

This tongue-in-cheek experience charges people with taking charge of a would-be romantic eager for love. The only problem is, said suitor is a disembodied hand with a knack for catastrophe! Players will be thrust into the most awkward dinner date they’ve (hopefully) ever been a part of, where every act - from eating your burger to pouring your date a glass of red - is utterly fraught with danger and hilarity.
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