Star Renegades PC Launch Trailer - Join the Rebellion!

Your time has come to start the interplanetary rebellion against The Imperium in STAR RENEGADES.

Sharpen your battle tactics and lead your ragtag squad of renegades in a desperate fight against overwhelming odds and an evolving, merciless adversary.

STAR RENEGADES is a challenging game that fuses fast-paced, dynamic, turn-based combat with a procedurally generated campaign to ensure every playthrough is unique and challenging. Upgrade your party with new weapons and gear and unleash strategic counters and combos to win the battle

Lead a ragtag squad of renegades through richly detailed landscapes, ruins, and more on a mission to overthrow the overwhelming might of the Imperium. Most of your enemies are more than just trash to farm — they’re unique adversaries that evolve and move up the ranks as you play, forcing you to develop new tactics to survive.

The tactical, turn-based rogue-lite RPG has launched on PC via Steam and and is also available today on Xbox Game Pass for PC
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