RPCS3 emulator: Heavenly Sword Trailer

Back in June, kd-11 fixed a frequent "Out of video memory" crash which affected Heavenly Sword and Resistance: Fall of Man. This made both games much more stable and both are now in a Playable state. kd-11 also fixed Heavenly Sword's broken shadows in July by allowing depth bounds test to access the Z buffer even when depth test is disabled.

As mentioned in the title, the Gameplay footage here is running at 60FPS (above the game's 30FPS frame-rate cap). In order to run Heavenly Sword at 60FPS, create a custom config in RPCS3, by right-clicking the game and clicking "create custom configuration", Now, go to the advanced settings tab and change vblank to 120hz. Once saved, remember that once you have a custom configuration for a game it won't use the global settings anymore, so you will need to right-click the game and open the configuration settings from there.
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