Insurgency: Sandstorm - Release Date Trailer

Insurgency: Sandstorm, the critically acclaimed tactical shooter, launches on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One August 25th 2020

Watch the new PAX East 2020 Console Release Date announcement trailer.

For PAX East 2020, Focus Home Interactive and New World Interactive are excited to announce that Insurgency: Sandstorm will release for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on August 25th, 2020. With over one million players in the game’s first year on PC, the award-winning tactical shooter is renowned for its realistic depiction of modern warfare focusing on lethal close-quarters combat, objective-oriented multiplayer and cooperative gameplay.

Insurgency: Sandstorm invites console players to prepare for a hardcore depiction of combat with deadly ballistics, destructive artillery, and unprecedented audio design that puts the fear back into the genre. Death comes fast, ammunition must be carefully managed, and the environment must be tactically navigated at every step towards victory.
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