Fantasy Strike — Free-to-play Trailer

Fantasy Strike is now Free to Play on Steam, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch!

Fantasy Strike is a strategically difficult, mechanically simple fighting game by an ex-Street Fighter developer. Cross-platform play with excellent netcode.

What's new in this update:
-Two brand new (free!) characters; General Onimaru and Sirus Quince
-ALL Characters are unlocked in Online Casual, Online Ranked, Practice Mode and Vs A.I.
-Wide variety of cosmetics available, such as new Costumes, practice routines, win poses, and KO effects
-Fantasy+ subscription gives you access to Master Costumes and Replay TV, a powerful tool to watch replays of not only your own matches, but endlessly stream replays of other players (filtered by Rank or character matchup)

With no pay-to-win, grind-to-unlock or time-gated elements, Fantasy Strike is the kind of free-to-play the genre has been waiting for.
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