Desperados III - Doc McCoy Trailer

Someone call for

a Doctor? Legendary bounty hunter McCoy isMcCoy spent his younger years studying medicine in England. When he finished his studies, he was looking for an adventure and oh boy, he found one. He set sail to the new world, crossed the Atlantic, and set foot on the American shore. There, he was forcibly recruited to fight in the American Civil War. He fought and worked as a doctor alike, but could not stand the horror and the futility of the war, so he deserted after a year of service and became a gun for hire. Nowadays he's known in certain circles as someone who gets the job done and doesn't ask too many questions.

Desperados III will give you it's real-time tactic medicine on your PC, your PlayStation 4 or your Xbox One in Summer 2020.back for Desperados III!
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